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Water Feature Landscaping IDEAS

Ideas / January 17, 2016

A whimsical statue and water fountain animate this lovely water feature. Trimmed shrubs and powdery pink Cherry Blossoms surround the pool deck beside a French Provincial home.

Water Wonderland

Interest continues to grow in water features such as waterfalls or small ponds, as pictured in this charming backyard hideaway.

Acres of Water Features

Part grotto, part rock quarry, this unique water feature at an Austin, Texas luxury estate is one of several amenities that also includes pool and spa facilities with up to fourteen waterfalls.

Water Works

A cobalt blue vessel was kitted out as a subtle water feature and sits in a flower bed out front.

Contemporary Backyard With Water Feature

This stunning contemporary home has a neutral exterior with an abundance of windows that showcase a grand spiral staircase, chic living room and other indoor spaces. A narrow backyard water feature showcases black stone accents, while a covered porch area provides the ideal outdoor space for relaxing.

Modern Zen Garden with Water Feature

Large stones serve as restful art in this modern, zen backyard. A classic rock garden features rows of succulents, while subtle lighting accents the wood garden wall and water feature. A shaded seating area rests nearby.

Outdoor Hammock With Nearby Water Feature

Who wouldn’t want to relax in this hammock under Aspen trees? The nearby water feature, made simply out of a galvanized livestock trough, provides a soothing sound for an outdoor nap.

Tiered Formal Water Fountain

A large scalloped water fountain with four tiers makes a dramatic centerpiece in this formal garden.

Contemporary Mediterranean Front Entrance

High-back, bamboo chairs provide comfortable, modern outdoor seating in this courtyard. A small, in-ground water feature creates a serene atmosphere before entering the home.

Grounds: Historic Manor House in Newport, RI

Wander for hours around the spacious and beautifully landscaped grounds where 150-year-old oaks and split-leaf beeches hold court over fountains, statues, reflecting pools and rambling lawns.

Luxurious Tropical Swimming Pool With In-Pool Tile, Water Features and Palm Trees

Pool and landscape lighting give a luxurious glow to this tropical swimming pool design. The deep blue of the pool pops against the neutral tones in the landscaping. Small tile structures in the pool support water features, giving the pool a feel of motion. Palm trees complete the oasis vibe and add color to the space.

Serene Water Feature

Tiny water lilies float freely in this water-filled garden barrel, accented with pond plants and feathery foliage.

Pondside Garden With Asian Statuary and Japanese Maple

A low sculpted pine, a small stone temple, and a graceful Japanese maple make an exquisite trio in this traditional Japanese-style pondside garden.

Contemporary Entryway With Water Feature

This front yard was designed to blend visually stimulating and calming elements to create thought-provoking social spaces. A contemporary water feature spills out over glossy black stones to calm, comfort and unify.

Sophisticated Water Feature

This simple but beautifully designed water feature gives this garden a sophisticated look.

Swimming Pool With Water Feature

Deck jets, or water arches, spout into this raised swimming pool for fun water feature. Plush grass surrounds the pool, taking the place of traditional concrete pool decks.

Swimming Pool Water Feature

Streams of water spout into the swimming pool from the deck creating a fun water feature without being over the top.

Contemporary Water Feature

A simple water feature makes a big impact on this minimalist patio. A strategically placed window allows for viewing from both indoor and outdoor vantage points.

From: Abramson Teiger Architects

Outdoor Wall Water Feature

This water feature adds visual interest to an outdoor space. Greenery adorns the feature and the tri-level water spill creates a calm ambience in the open backyard.

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