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Victorian Landscape Design

Landscape Design / October 16, 2020

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  • Continuous plantings of green shrubs with occasional splashes of color exemplify the Victorian style.
  • White garden ornaments contrast beautifully with soothing greenery.
  • This pedestal and urn planted with a vibrantly healthy fern makes the perfect focal point for the Victorian garden.
  • Iron arbors and furniture are a classic Victorian and English garden element.
Victorian Landscape Style Guide

Use this design sheet to help you create the perfect Victorian-inspired landscape. You'll get ideas for color, décor, materials, plants and fabric. It is a great starting point for any landscaping project.

White, Garden, Ornaments, Victorian Decor and Accessory Donna Lynn Landscape Design Santa Barbara, CAVictorian Landscape Style Guide (PDF)

Classic garden plants:

Glossy abelia
Ferns (in urns or hanging pots)
Perennials for color

Mediterranean climate plants:

Medium water:
Mayten tree
Duranta erecta
Mutabilis rose
Iceberg rose
Australian bluebell creeper
Heartleaf geranium
White cyclamen (winter color for small pots)

Iron, Arbor, Garden, Victorian Side Yards Donna Lynn Landscape Design Santa Barbara, CALow water plants:

Peppermint Tree
White bougainvillea
Fortnight lily (Dietes)
Ornamental sage
Dwarf yeddo hawthorn (boxwood substitute)
Ray Hartman California lilac
Pacific wax myrtle
True myrtle (Myrtus)
Sweet bay
California bush anemone
White Kalanchoe in pots

The Victorian era blended ornate embellishments with the classic refinement of an English garden. While the manicured hedges and clean lines of the landscape might lead you to believe the Victorians were stuffy, in fact, says landscape designer Donna Lynn, "they had a marvelous sense of experimentation and loved to incorporate exotic plants and whimsical décor touches into the landscape." Lynn has been designing landscapes for over 20 years, and here she shares her professional tips for creating a Victorian-inspired garden.