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Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Pictures

Front Yard / September 26, 2017

Hello all! Hoping to get some ideas for landscape in my front yard. I have reach out locally for someone to come look at my layout and I will order the plants from them, but I have been unable to get anyone interested in the job.

A few highlights:

-Location: Pittsburgh PA

-Front of house faces East (Sun in the AM).

-Left tree has been cut down in front yard(Furthest from driveway), have not cut down the left tree yet. Should I?

-I do not want high maintenance shrubs. I want low maintenance, but if low maintenance = boring plants, I'm OK with moderate maintenance to get nicer looking plants.

-Budget = $1500

-If I cut down the other Maple in the front yard, I would like to plant some sort of tree in the rounded portion of the mulch bed.

-I'm ok with watering plants every other day or so.

-For now I'm only looking to put plants up to the orange mesh fence. I will work on the side of the house once the front is done. Baby steps.

-Really having issues tackling the deep mulch bed on the left. Unsure how to tackle multiple rows of plants and make it look nice.