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front yard Photo by Omri D. Cohen on Unsplash

In order for the project of the courtyard of a private house to succeed, it must meet the household needs of the owners. What to consider when planning:

  • family composition, whether there are children, how many of them and what age they are;
  • how much free time is available to take care of the territory;
  • is there a car, what dimensions;
  • what has already been built on the site, what communications have been carried out;
  • do you like to receive guests or do you prefer privacy;
  • what interests (reading, sports, gardening) there are and so on.

Based on this, you can make a list of which functional zones will be included in the plan 100%, and which will be redundant. Having a list of important and secondary objects, you can start landscaping the site with your own hands.

Arrangement of the front yard of a private house

The landscaping of the courtyard in a housing in North London begins with the front door. We will show you how to organize everything correctly so that the owners and their friends feel comfortable.



Tip 1. If friends or relatives visit you often, move the patio from the back to the front. On the patio you can relax and discuss family matters, read books while lying in a hammock, gather for dinner and celebrate birthdays. Traditionally, the guest part is made in the courtyard, but if you are a real extrovert, you can organize it right in front of the porch.

Unlike the terrace, the patio does not have its own walls, and therefore is built in a secluded place, hidden from prying eyes. If you do it in the front part, the fence should be solid and high — then the atmosphere will remain private.

Tip 2. Observe the harmony of style. It is better if the design of the patio will echo the style of the house itself, repeat its decoration and geometry. So, the elements of the relaxation zone will not look isolated, but will become a harmonious continuation of the overall ensemble.

Front garden

Tip 3. Focus on the environment. Like the patio, the front garden must be maintained in the same style as the facade of the new builds around London. Flower beds/trees/shrubs and house/porch/windows should complement and emphasize each other. If there is a dilapidated So, barn near the entrance to the dwelling, then expensive materials and a chic fountain will look out of place. It is also better not to make flowerbeds too colourful — choose flowers that will be close to the shade of the walls.

back yard Image by Unsplash+

Tip 4. Consider the materials and construction of the walls. Dense bushes should be planted at some distance from the wooden walls, otherwise the lower crowns of the facade will rot. If the wall is deaf, it is better to block it with tall trees or climbing plants.

Plants along the fence

Tip 5. Plant plants taking into account the light and how much time you are willing to devote to caring for them. If you plan to live in a country house all year round, we advise you to grow spruce, yucca, thuja, sea buckthorn, viburnum near the porch — they are beautiful in any season. These plants require almost no maintenance, are not afraid of high fences and shade, can be used as a hedge.

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