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green sod on the backyard

Your Green Lawn without Unnecessary Hassle

Photo by Muhammad Abu Sufian Piyash on Unsplash It is difficult to imagine a private plot without a juicy lawn in front of the house. Still, it is troublesome and long to sow, drive away birds pecking seeds and wait for seedlings. It would be easier to order Sod installation....
colorful playground

Better Surfacing for Playgrounds

Materials that provide impact mitigation during a fall at a playground for kids include rubber tiles, soft tile materials, mats, solid synthetic coating of both industrial production and manufactured directly at the installation site, bulk materials - sand, gravel, sawdust, shavings, wood bark, solid rubber coating. Rubber coating is an...
Landscape Design

Paving Ideas for Your Garden

The patio of every home plays a large role in the overall tone of the space. It can singlehandedly determine whether your garden will look modern or traditional. So you must choose the right paving design for your garden.  To help you get started, we rounded up some of the...