Great Front Yard Landscaping Ideas
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Great Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Need some front yard landscaping ideas?

  • How about a theme garden? Some popular themes: desert plants, tropical plants, , , “country” garden, or a garden in a specific color or set of colors.
  • If you don’t have a front porch, could you create one? Building a covered porch in front of your home is one option, using awnings is another, or you could create a small “porch” area using, fencing, or by placing a gazebo or to one side of the house, accessible perhaps by a garden gate.
  • Garden features such as small bridges (to cross swales, creeks, or areas where water always accumulates), bird baths, and lanterns are great for the front yard too! Make sure they’re placed along natural traffic spots so they can be seen and used regularly.
  • A seasonal garden can be gorgeous if you plan it right, with brilliant displays that change depending on the season: bright spring flowers, a different set of (perhaps more intensely toned) summer flowers, fall foliage and winter evergreens.
  • Consider special plantings at the entrance to your driveway, near your mailbox, at the start of your walkways, and around the front of your home (especially near the front door). These are places that people first encounter when they visit your property: make them look their best.

One place to get many other landscaping ideas is in home magazines. While you can’t significantly change your existing house, you can adapt what others have done to fit your home.

Try these from, which have a lot of good landscape design ideas for many different home and garden styles. (Just be aware that most of their plant recommendations are not edible!)

More ideas and inspiration can be found at (opens a new window)

Would you like to learn more front yard landscaping ideas, share your ideas, and discuss how to do edible landscaping in the front yard?