Landscape Design Pool Areas
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Pool Landscaping

Landscape Design Pool Areas

Pools are often a major landscape focal point; however, they are still a part of the “whole”. The pool itself has an obvious purpose, but, the pool area serves much more than just as a place to swim in the summer. They are a place to gather in or around and can complement the conceptual environment of your house and landscape.

Design To Enhance Your Landscape

Whatever the concept for your home and landscape, the Pool Area can be a great way to enhance the landscape’s theme as well as its functionality. Let our experienced and creative designers seamlessly integrate both form and function into your pool area giving your landscape the upgrade it deserves and you really want.

Seamlessly Integrated Form And Style

  • Space – Pools are large feature items in a landscape but they do not have to use up all your available space. Even in small landscape areas, properly utilized space around a pool area can display various landscape features like gardens, fire pits, outdoor living spaces or dining areas.
  • Shape – Pool area design should reflect personal style but its desired functions should also help to dictate its form. The use of straight and clean lines often denote a more “modern” or “contemporary” look and feel to the landscape design, whereas organic shapes create a more natural feeling, blending into the surrounding natural landscape.
  • Color – A carefully chosen color pallet can add both dimension and interest to a landscape. Material colors can complement natural elements, unite or differentiate hardscape features and convey specific moods or emotions of those within the area.
  • Texture – The roughness, smoothness, fineness or coarseness of the forms in your landscape are an additional design element that can enhance the look and feel of a pool area. Using variations of texture can also influence the perceived atmosphere of a landscape and give definition to featured forms within your pool area.

Compliment Your Pool And Landscape

Specific focal points like a water feature can be enhanced through the addition of complimenting stone work and plant life to add color, create natural or polished aesthetics, and promote a certain atmosphere in your pool landscape.

Let our experienced landscape designers give you the pool area that will bring your landscape to life.

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