Backyard Landscape Design Plans
Photo by Ollie Craig from Pexels

Backyard Landscape Design Plans

Landscape Architecture: Preliminary Design

ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS at the outset of a landscape design project is imperative to success. In the first meeting we ask a lot questions because we want to understand what you like, don’t like, and might like. That’s how we narrow down the endless possibilities for your landscape to arrive at a design plan that is right for you.

We’ll talk, and walk your property together. We’ll discuss challenges and point out opportunities. We may talk about the architecture of your home and how it relates to the site. This assessment will help your landscape architect find the key that unlocks the potential of your home and its surroundings.

By the end of this first meeting you will have a picture in mind of the landscape design we could create together. The next step will be to put that imagined landscape on paper.

Landscape Architecture: Conceptual Design

THE DISCUSSION CONTINUES. Now we are moving in a specific direction. Your landscape architect presents several concepts that meet the goals of our shared vision. We may talk about plant species, trees or functional design details. We may consider the value of features such as outdoor kitchens, waterfalls, or a swimming pool. We may discuss changing the approach to your house to improve the way it presents to the street. All options are on the table. We pin a preliminary budget on all of this to make sure we are on track with your expectations and budgetary comfort zone.

Landscape Architecture: Final Site Plan & Construction

WE PUT OUR BEST IDEAS TOGETHER in a final site plan that supports all technical requirements of the new landscape design. We complete construction documentation and finalize the project estimate for the project.