Modern Backyard Landscaping IDEAS
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Modern Landscaping

Modern Backyard Landscaping IDEAS


When you have invested into a garden swimming pool, you will have to choose the best pool deck which will be not only efficient but will complement your backyard design. We will show you some above ground pools with decks to help you decide what will be the most suitable deck for your own pool.

Cool ideas for above ground pools with decks

Above ground pool deck plans are very popular due to the fact that they are affordable, the installation process is quick and easy and the maintenance is minimal. In order to enjoy your swimming pool, however, you need a deck – a gathering place for family and friends, a place to lie on a sunbed, possibly have dinner by the pool or just enjoy a couple of hours under the sun. There are so many cool ideas for above ground pools with decks and deck railing ideas but few of them can be a weekend project. When you want a handsome pool deck you have to do some careful planning since it connects the pool area with the garden area and completes the landscape design of the outdoor area.

Above ground pools with decks – tips and ideas

Above ground pools with decks are planned and designed with care as some of them require elements like stairs, railing in addition to the deck itself. Experts recommend to trust professionals so that the final result is pleasing to your eyes. You have to decide on the size, shape and material and these are not easy decisions so do not take them in a hurry. It is a fact that 98% of above ground pool decks are made of wood as it is the most convenient material to work with, easy to use and reliable. However the options are so diverse that only your imagination is the limit. You can choose from aluminum decks, composite wood decking, natural stone, bricks, stamped concrete, etc.