Urban Landscaping Ideas
Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Urban Landscaping Ideas

Holes drilled into the sides provide even more space for growing low, spreading plants such as strawberries, thyme, or spring greens. A hinged bench is another space-saver in tight spaces such as urban gardens: It offers a place to sit and tend your vegetables (or relax and enjoy the fresh fruits of your labors) while also conveniently storing tools and gardening supplies.

You’ll get the most produce from your raised beds if you site them in a spot that sees full sun (at least six hours of direct sunlight a day) and has good airflow, which helps plants resist disease. Fill the raised bed with a high-quality potting mix rather than digging soil from your garden (which may contain weed seeds or pest and disease organisms).

Urban Chickens in the Urban Garden

Raising your own chickens is a hot urban gardening trend – it’s easier than you might think and fun, too! The coop here looks attractive enough to fit in any yard and provides all the features you need for success with three or four chickens (which should give you about two eggs per day). Plus, the birds will provide a source of manure to add to your compost – which will eventually help yield more in your garden!

Note: If you live in town, check local restrictions about having chickens.

Chicken Coop

Fenced with chicken wire at the base, this backyard chicken coop keeps your feathered friends safe from predators and gives the chickens room to move about. A hinged nesting box makes harvesting your own eggs a cinch, too. Change the bedding in the nesting box regularly to encourage your chickens to keep laying lots of eggs.