Backyard Ideas Landscape
Photo by Greta Hoffman from Pexels

Backyard Ideas Landscape

Looking for landscape backyard ideas for that shady area on your property? Moss Acres has just what you are looking for – live, soft, and vibrant moss! From growing a moss path, to turning your entire backyard into a natural and soothing garden oasis, to even creating an peaceful Japanese rock garden, we can help.

Landscape backyard ideas can be particularly challenging in the shade, but now any gardening enthusiast or landscaping professional can have four varieties of live and beautiful moss delivered to their door.

When used in the gardening world, the term “shade” can actually have a variety of different connotations. Shade could mean that your backyard landscape would be completely sheltered from light at all times of the day, or it could simply refer to the area of a plant not facing direct sunlight. Also, as seasons change, it is likely that different places in your backyard will continuously receive different amounts of light. For example, during the morning hours, parts of your garden might see direct sun, but for the rest of the day this area might be shaded. The terms light shade, partial shade, partial sun, and full sun are all used to differentiate the numerous possible scenarios. It is important to note the general amount of light and shade your backyard landscape receives before proceeding with moss path. Each of our mosses are extremely versatile – capable of handling harsh conditions which other plants might reject – however, some of our mosses favor partial sunlight, others prefer shade, and still others like fern moss, can thrive in both.

If you are interested in growing a moss path with stepping stones, look no further. Moss Acres has been providing live moss to thousands of gardening enthusiasts for this exact application for years and years. To learn more about our four moss varities, please click here.