Backyard Landscape Design on a Budget
Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

Backyard Landscape Design on a Budget

Hardscapes like patios, walls, seat walls and raised planter beds are more costly. So, if the transformation you envision involves these elements, expect to spend healthy chunk of your overall budget on them.

The choice of material here is a huge cost factor. Patios, for example, can be made simply with concrete pavers, while high-end materials include tile or travertine.

Shade and other custom structures add both livability to your space and value to your project. Special elements like barbecues, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, foggers, outdoor furniture and pools are high-value additions as well.

Then there are totally customized designs involving custom cabinetry, artwork, lighting and electronics, which add yet another layer of cost and customization to your project.

At this level, the only limitation is your imagination and your pocketbook. Expect your overall budget to be well over the 15 percent rule of thumb discussed earlier.

Whether you want a simple landscape addition, have an empty yard, or want to completely remodel, we hope this information will empower your decisions and your outdoor transformation.