Backyard Landscaping Ideas Retaining Wall
Photo by Gord Maclean from Pexels

Backyard Landscaping Ideas Retaining Wall

Where a slope once rendered large parts of this backyard unusable and prone to erosion, the above arrangement of retaining walls and steps has made space for a childrens’ playground complete with slide, swing set and jungle gym combo. The tiered retaining wall set-up has the additional benefit of making the playground clearly seen from the house and backyard patio, making supervision easy. The addition of wrought iron lawn furniture further presents a space for adults to sit in comfort while the kids enjoy the playground equipment.

The spaciousness of this raised playground allows plenty of room for fun and games, while the neat row of shaped boxwood serves the double function of providing a soft barrier for safety and softening the angles and textures created by the hardscaping.

The inset stairs provide easy accessibility, while their pattern is repeated in the sides of the upper retaining walls for aesthetic purposes. Both walls and stairs make use of Unilock’s Concord Wall and Coping in the Almond Grove color variation. The rich textures and warm coloring of the Concord Wall blocks keeps the design from appearing out of place against the natural elements of the landscape while the straight lines and square angles provide form and visual stability.

By carving the space directly from the hillside using retaining walls, Manzer’s Landscape Design and Development was able to not only save on lawn space, but also create a private, useable area in a secluded portion of the yard. In addition to the play area, the retaining walls also provide space for trees and plants, contributing to shade, greenery and noise dampening.

Soft granite sand has been used at the base of the play area in order to provide a safe environment for children to play. With a consistency similar to that of river sand, granite was chosen as a ground cover because of its weight and drainage properties. When wet, the granite particles remain loose and don’t become compacted, while its weight ensures that it’s less prone to be carried away in strong winds. The wind-shielding provided by the enclosure, as well as the row of boxwood further lessen the effects of poor weather on the sand. The raised edge of the hardscaping also prevents the sand from spilling over onto the lawn and steps, keeping this playground neat and self-contained.