Backyard Slope Landscaping Ideas
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Backyard Slope Landscaping Ideas

Regardless of front yard or backyard, this is a good example of landscaping a steep slope or hillside.

Most of the yard and lawn area is level enough to allow good saturation before the water runs off. However, the front door entry is quite a problem area. Still, even with a slight slope or hill you may want to take measures to insure the lawn and landscape gets enough saturation. See watering lawns on steep slopes and hillsides for more details on this.

The boulders and rocks in the planting area are a good idea to help hold the slope and smaller ground cover gravel in place. However, they would look more natural and work better as a terrace if they were slightly dug into the bank and laid horizontally like a natural outcropping. And being quite visible at the front door entry, this is especially true.

Another thing that would help this front yard look more unified would be if the rocks were all closer to the same type. Unless it’s the look you’re trying to create, mixing a lot of varied elements looks too unintentional.

The ground cover is shredded mulch which works well on steep slopes like this. Regular bark chunks and gravels will eventually slide down the hill and require periodic maintenance to push and place the ground cover back up the hillside. Regardless if this is a backyard or front yard, these ideas work well for this steep sloped entry.