Best Backyard Landscape Design
Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels

Best Backyard Landscape Design

What We Do

Webster offers design, construction, installation, and maintenance of fine landscapes. Project management services are included to complement all projects regardless of the scale or the type of work involved. This ensures that our clientele receives personal, consistent, and efficient service.

Landscape Services

Landscape services include site grading and excavation; construction of stone walls, patios, terraces and pathways; installation of driveways and drainage infrastructure; stormwater management; planting of trees and gardens; lawn installation and renovation; invasive species management; construction and maintenance of wilderness trails; and more. We have even sited and installed fine art pieces.

We have accomplished historical restorations, most notably that of the gardens at The Mount, the Lenox estate and labor-of-love of the American Modernist writer, Edith Wharton. The Webster team excels at the challenging task of repairing disturbed landscapes, crafting landform and working with natural features to create a sense of continuity between new construction and the environment in which it is sited.

Landscape Design

Our design professionals approach the task of developing a landscape as a holistic, site-specific process. We recognize the unique character of each landscape and seek to reinforce the constituent qualities of each place by restoring natural landforms, planting species that are most appropriate to site conditions, and utilizing construction materials and methods that blend harmoniously with both the home and its setting in nature.

Our clients derive great benefit from working with our designers, who are also experienced project managers, accomplished horticulturists, and seasoned plantsmen.

Rather than building landscapes by rote, repeatedly recycling the same plants, surface treatments and other design motifs, we create landscapes that profoundly evoke a palpable sense of place and express the personalities of our clients. We treat each issue, problem or challenge as an opportunity to significantly improve the functionality and beauty of the overall landscape.

Design services include consultation; garden design; site analysis and planning; architectural design; and production of graphical plans and construction drawings. Our design staff is a multi-talented team with a diverse background in landscape design, architecture, construction and landscape ecology.

Project Management

Our project managers work with our clients to produce optimal outcomes for projects, creating sustainable landscapes with the least possible disruption to our clients’ lifestyles and the natural environment. We seamlessly coordinate our efforts with other professionals, including architects, landscape architects, builders and general contractors through all stages of projects large and small.

Our project managers serve as a central hub for information, scheduling all aspects of projects, directing our talented field staff, managing subcontractors, and coordinating with materials suppliers to attain excellent, elegant, and efficiently produced results.

Stone Work

Webster employs some of the most talented masons working in the region today. Our stonework team is a group of accomplished artisans who consistently create works of enduring beauty and integrity. They are experienced with a wide range of construction styles, materials, and methodologies; are as deeply versed in rustic stonework as they are adroit with more regular masonry, and are as skilled at working with natural limestone, fieldstone, bluestone, or Goshen stone as they are at installing milled and cultured materials.

Our masons apply the same dedicated perfectionist drive to all of the many stonework applications in which they are experts. This highly adaptable group of craftsmen provide our clients services in dry-stacked walls, patios, pathways, steps, mortared veneers, firepits and much more. They can transform a utilitarian object such as a culvert into a thing of beauty, mold a pile of rubble into a work of art, or create breathtaking trails that recall the iconic Craftsman style of the great National Parks.


Our horticulturists care for a diverse variety of landscapes of every type imaginable in our region, including formal gardens, native shrub borders, cottage gardens, rockeries, vegetable gardens and orchards. Unlike stone walls and terraces, gardens are constantly growing and changing, subject to the whims of weather, climate, and animal life. And of course, weeds can be deterred but never eliminated entirely; the “zero-maintenance” garden is simply a contradiction-in-terms.

Our experienced and talented horticultural team works in coordination with the Director of Horticulture to ensure that our clients’ landscapes look their best even under the worst of conditions. We maintain a close eye on our clients’ gardens, and use creative problem-solving to keep trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals in tip-top shape.

Horticultural services include garden maintenance; spring and fall clean-ups; mulching; pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs; orchard and small fruit management; installation of annuals and container plantings; garden reclamation; historic restoration; organic fertilization and pest control; and native plant restoration.