Country Backyard Landscaping Ideas
Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

Country Backyard Landscaping Ideas

A country cottage style garden can transport you to a place of beauty and tranquility, no matter where you actually live. They look natural, not overly manicured and trimmed. Country gardens are reminiscent of a carefree field of wildflowers with their lush, full blooms and quaint rustic details. The bountiful landscaping of a country cottage garden will instantly add curb appeal to your home, and you’ll love how low maintenance country garden flowers are! Create your own county cottage garden with these seven styling and landscaping secrets.

1. Vines and Climbing Roses
Every house can be turned into a country cottage by adding some charming vines or climbing roses. Train your greenery to climb your porch columns or arch around your doorway for a whimsical, fairy-tale look! Blooming vines and climbing roses are quintessential country garden elements.

Get the Look: Country Cottage Vines via The Garden Cottage Bed and Breakfast on Hometalk

2. A Flower Filled Front Walk
Instantly beautify your whole front yard by adding lush flower beds to your front walk. Not only will the bountiful blooms add curb appeal to your home, you will love strolling past the flower garden each time you return home. Hometalk’s expert gardeners recommend adding these easy-to-maintain flowers to your front yard to get the cottage look: roses, daylilies, hydrangeas, hebe, clematis, fleabane, rose campion, and hardy geranium. Remember, you want lush, full flower beds, so why not plant them all?

3. Creative Container Gardening
Add some fun, vintage flair to your garden to give it a country cottage look. Get creative with your container gardening! Whether you stash your potted plants in an old wheelbarrow or upcycled bicycle, the thrifty repurposed look is oh so down home and country.

Get the Look: Upcycled Wheelbarrow via Empress of Dirt on Hometalk

4. Use Pergolas and Arbors
Your everyday yard can instantly become an enchanting secret garden with the addition of pergolas and arbors. Add in some lush twisty vines and you’ll create a lovely shady spot to enjoy all summer long. Attractive pergolas and arbors are also great ways to add curb appeal, or beautify your backyard.

Get the Look: Garden Pergolas via Three Dogs in a Garden on Hometalk

5. Winding Garden Paths
While building out your flower beds to resemble a charming field of wildflowers, remember to leave space for a winding, stone path. A stone paver pathway is like is like the perfect complementary frame to a masterfully painted picture.

Get the Look: Paver Garden Path via Janie B

6. Garden Fencing
There is just something about a picket fence or garden gate that adds instant country charm to every floral landscape. You can fence in your whole yard, or individual flower beds. Don’t make the fence too high, a key element to the country cottage look is the flowers overflowing the fence line.

Get the Look: Garden Fencing via Missy L

7. A Rustic and Weathered Garden Wall
Stone cottages are a homage to an age-old, pastoral style. You can capture the essence of your home’s agrarian past by using rustic stone walls in your garden. You can create one beautiful focal point with a vertical stone wall, or add extra flair to your flower beds by adding stone trim.