Desert Landscaping Backyard Ideas
Photo by Mariakray from Pexels

Desert Landscaping Backyard Ideas

By Brandon Cornett

The backyard is a special place for many homeowners. It’s often where we go to get away from it all – a place of privacy and tranquility. At least, that’s what we want our backyard to be! This is where backyard landscaping comes into the picture. By landscaping your backyard, you can transform it into a more livable and enjoyable space.

The key here is to choose a particular idea for your backyard project, and then learn more about that idea. At that point, you’ll be able to start on an actual plan. But it all starts with the backyard landscaping idea itself, so that’s what we have listed here — a variety of ideas to get you started.

Ideas for Landscaping Your Backyard

For many homeowners, it’s not a lack of motivation that prevents them from landscaping their backyards. It’s a lack of ideas. So if you fall into this category, we hope to help you by providing a wealth of ideas for backyard landscaping projects.

Backyard Idea #1 – The Oriental Garden

The Oriental Backyard – Do you have a flair for all things Oriental? Why not carry that to your backyard? The Oriental style of landscaping is well suited for a variety of yards – large, small and everything in between.

The style combines rocks, water features, sculpted and shaped evergreens, and a variety of color flowers.

Backyard Idea #2 – Desert Landscaping

The Desertscape – The desert approach to backyard landscaping (also referred to as desertscape, and sometimes Southwest landscaping) can be appealing for two reasons.

First of all, it makes use of cactus, succulents and other attractive plants. Secondly, it is a low-maintenance approach to backyard landscaping because it doesn’t require as much watering.

Obviously, the climate you live in will determine whether or not desert landscaping is a good idea for your backyard. But you’d be surprised how resilient many desert plant species are, even in climates that get light freezing in the winter.

Backyard Idea #3 – The English Garden

Garden Landscape – The English garden approach to backyard landscaping (also referred to as country garden) involves an abundance of flowers, combined with rustic benches and chairs.

Gazebos, fences and other garden structures can complement this backyard landscaping idea as well.


These are just a few strategies for landscaping your backyard. There are many more styles and techniques you could apply as well. The key is to start with the landscaping styles to find one you like, and then research that style in more depth to see how you might apply it to your own backyard.