Dog Friendly Backyard Landscaping Ideas
Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

Dog Friendly Backyard Landscaping Ideas

A dog lover’s home will not be complete without some pooch-friendly features throughout the home, more so in the yard. A few amenities strategically placed in the yard will not only make your dog happy but add beauty to your place too. Here are some ideas you may want to check out.

A Pretty and Safe Enclosure

Before you let your dog out in the yard, you will have to make sure that your yard is safe especially if you’ve got quite an energetic dog. A fence will keep out some wildlife in your area, strays, and create a safe territory for your dog to lay stake in. There are plenty of fencing materials you can choose from depending on your style and needs.

A Cool Water Feature

Fresh water is essential for all dogs, so why not create a cool water feature that can add beauty to your landscape while making sure that your puppy has a steady supply of clean water?

If you live in a particularly warm area, a pool or a pond that the dog can easily climb out of would also be a great option. If your space is limited, then a fountain or mini stream would do just as well.

A Place to Chill and Enjoy

Dogs can easily heat up and get sunburn. This is why there must be a place where they can get shade and stretch out in when outdoors. Trees would be fun but a dog house is still ideal.

Fun Features

Dogs love watching things, so a viewing area or window fence would surely be enjoyed. If your dog isn’t the curious type, a play area would be an option for you. Get creative and incorporate hiding spots, tunnels, and pathways in your landscaping, your dog will thank you for this.

A Toxin Free Haven

You may not be aware of this, but certain plants can be very dangerous to dogs and other creatures, and they’re not even exotic plants! Just to be sure, ask your local vet for a list of plants to avoid.

Another thing to check would be certain baits, fertilizers, and even much. Cocoa much can hurt your dog, and some baits can even kill a huge dog. Just do your research to ensure that your pet will not come to any harm in your garden.

A Combination of Comfortable Materials

Turf would trump hard floors more so if you’ve got a senior dog. Mulch is also a lot more comfortable to walk on in warm weather compared to stone, tiles, or concrete. You will want materials that are comfortable for your own bare feet so you’d be sure they’d be comfortable for your dog too.

A Place to Roam Around

Your dog is happiest when he or she can get enough exercise. Dogs that do not get exercise can develop behavioural problems as well as take to destroying things around the house. Even if your space isn’t big enough, just make sure that it can keep your dog active and entertained would be good.