Fenced Backyard Landscaping Ideas
Photo by Dayvison de Oliveira Silva from Pexels

Fenced Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Zones in your back yard help draw attention away from the fence.

Fences serve practical purposes, such as keeping children and pets safe and giving your back yard privacy, but they aren’t always attractive. Soften the look of the fence with plants and draw attention away from the fence with creative landscape design. Use the privacy offered by your fence to develop a personal oasis in your outdoor living space.

Soften the Edges

A fence creates a stark line in your back yard, showing where your property ends. Soften the edges of the fence line by planting trees and shrubs inside the fence. Place taller trees and plants along the fence line; dwarf trees are a good choice because they won’t overwhelm small yards. Plant flowering or green shrubs in front of the trees or in between them, if you only have a few trees, to help your eye transition from fence to garden space.

Zoned Areas

Separate areas in your backyard landscape design using plantings. This creates small “rooms” in your yard, making it more functional and attractive. Line pathways with low plants or ornamental grasses to help separate areas. A seating area could overlook a kids’ play area, while a pond could bring a peaceful water element to the yard.

Vertical Space

Use your fence to take advantage of the vertical space in your back yard. Particularly in small back yards, this helps you bring color and life without taking up much of your yard. Plant climbing vines, such as clematis (Clematis spp.) or sweet pea (Lathyrus odoratus), for fragrant flowers or Boston ivy (Parthenocissus tricuspidata) for a green backdrop. You can also hang flowering or foliage plants in baskets from the fence or use the fence to hold outdoor art.

Year-Round Plants

Enjoy your fenced back yard all year by planting a combination of plants that put on a show at different times of the year. Evergreen plants and shrubs keep your yard looking alive all winter and help the fence blend into your garden design year-round. Spring-blooming perennials provide brilliant color as the weather warms, and trees, such as maple give you lovely fall shades. Some summer blooming plants, such as sweet alyssum (Lobularia maritima), carry their color into the fall and mild winter. For more color in the winter, plant vegetables, such as flowering cabbage and rainbow chard, in your flower beds and along the pathways in your backyard garden.