Landscape Ideas for Hilly Backyard
Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

Landscape Ideas for Hilly Backyard

We’re full of landscaping ideas. We’ve been doing this for almost 60 years.

If you’re looking for landscaping ideas to improve and enjoy an outdoor living space, Drake’s 7 Dees can help. Every home is unique, just as every homeowner is. And no matter what your tastes, interests or desires for your outdoor space, there’s a way to make that fit your unique vision. So clip the magazine photos, scour the web, check out some of the work we’ve already done and bring us your landscaping ideas. Then let us show you the best way to make it so. Stop by and visit. We love to explore people’s visions for their yards.

Fences, Gates & Decks

Good fences create a stately frame for your yard and your landscape. They provide a clear way of containing elements both functional and ornamental. Plus, they help prevent the wanderings of both pets and young children. Properly designed and constructed fences will add beauty and value to your property. Drake’s 7 Dees will work with […]

View Examples Retaining Walls

Whether your property sits on a steep slope in the West Hills, a hilly yard in the Northern part of town, or a gentle flat in Portland’s East Side, chances are you’re working with a grade change in your landscape. Functional, yet attractive, rock and retaining walls help create level tiers, while adding structure and […]

View Examples Swimming Pool

Your swimming pool is probably already a focal point of your back yard. Drake’s 7 Dees can make it even more eye-catching by surrounding it with creatively designed landscaping. Integrating the pool with the landscaping and outdoor structures results in a dramatic, pulled-together effect. Elegant gates. Stately fences. Inviting greenery. Making the pool area safe […]

View Examples Water Features

It’s a simple recipe: Add water, generate calm. Water features play a dramatic role in any landscape – providing visual beauty, sparkling movement, and the soothing sound of flowing water. Incorporating the natural element of water in your garden provides a wellspring of calm and reflection in an otherwise hectic life. Drake’s 7 Dees offers […]

View Examples Wood Structures

Arbors, Gazebos, Trellises, Pergolas and more… Sometimes you just need a little shade….or a structure for the clematis to climb. Or maybe you’re looking for something to simply divide one space from another. Whatever the structure you envision, Drake’s 7 Dees can build it. We’ll also consult, design, and create a space you’ll be glad […]

View Examples Driveways and Pathways

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. A welcoming walkway is a sure-fire way to make a positive first impression. Combined with a well-designed driveway, it can add tremendous curb appeal to your house. Drake’s 7 Dees Landscape designers bring style and design to what some might deem a merely functional […]

View Examples Landscape Lighting

As any actor or director will attest, good lighting changes everything. Combined with landscaping, lighting can emphasize and highlight features you want to draw attention to, while adding functionality and greater safety to an outdoor space. Dramatic and effective lighting design can create an atmosphere that says, “Sit. Stay a while. Enjoy.” Drake’s 7 Dees […]

View Examples Outdoor Kitchens and Grills

Our mild climate and long summer evenings make Portland the perfect place to create outdoor living spaces that are ideal for cooking, dining, and entertaining. Outdoor kitchens allow you to make eating outdoors an easy part of your regular summer-time routine, instead of a hassle-filled production. Think of Drake’s 7 Dees as your outdoor kitchen remodeling […]

View Examples Patios

A well-designed patio can be the cornerstone of your backyard oasis. This common feature can, in the hands of a talented designer, transform a yard – taking it from ordinary to extraordinary. Mixing shapes, materials, textures and scale bring drama and novelty to your outdoor space, resulting in a quiet little refuge. Drake’s 7 Dees […]

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