Modern Backyard Landscape Design
Photo by nappy from Pexels

Modern Backyard Landscape Design

This simplistic yet modern landscape is a beautiful place to spend some time with friends, family or even with your thoughts. Several different elements are brought together and form a place of peace and serenity.

Beautiful handcrafted woodwork takes a prominent role all throughout the landscape. As you first walk out of the back door, a beautiful crafted deck welcomes you to the outdoor landscape, which is complimented by different but natural tones. Travertine stone is used throughout the patio and so are a few granite pieces to add contrast.

The last few elements of the landscape that bring everything together as a whole are the focal point and the surrounding elements. The focal point of this modern landscape is the outdoor fire pit. Surrounded by a granite stone, it is a real beauty when lit at night. The surrounding elements, or the plantings all throughout the backyard, bring everything full circle and complete the modern landscape masterpiece. These plantings bring colors and fragrances that one could not imagine, it’s beautiful.