Front Yard Landscape Design Ideas
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Front Yard

Front Yard Landscape Design Ideas

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Sarah Herman designed the new landscaping in my front yard earlier this year. It consisted of double rock walls, low-water plants, and irrigation. It was an excellent design whose expert installation was performed by Christian Ehrhorn of Misty Morning Gardens. As one neighbour put it, my new front yard is an asset to the community. It was indeed a job well done.

I just had a landscape design consultation with Sarah at my house in Berkeley. It was soooooo helpful. She’s awesome. She just saved me thousands of dollars and greatly improved the design of my yard. I had such a limited way of seeing the space before Sarah brought her design ideas. I’m really excited about what my back yard can be. She came prepared with images, plant ideas, websites for me to order materials and design ideas. She listened to what I wanted and totally got my style. Then she made some great recommendations. She was incredibly knowledgeable about everything from the type of plants to use to drainage to what types of stone to use for hardscaping. She knew so much about plant varieties – what to grow where and in what conditions. So many possibilities that I hadn’t thought of! She also gave me some functional ideas – like how to expand my driveway so that I could fit two cars in it! That is going to make a huge difference so I don’t have to park one car on the street anymore. Thank you, Sarah!

We just finished our landscaping project for our very tiny backyard. We initially contacted Sarah for consulting only, thinking we could ‘do it ourselves’. Wow, how silly to think we could and how happy we are that we eventually had Sarah complete a design for our sad yard. We loved working with Sarah – she is very knowledgeable, honest, flexible, and so nice. She came up with very creative ideas that we never thought of, as well as giving gentle and constructive feedback for things that would not really work. She was also patient with our indecisiveness. Sarah gave several recommendations for installation, including Salidago Landscaping who was also outstanding and very reasonably priced. An excellent experience and thrilled with the final outcome!

Several months ago, when we needed a landscape desinger for our new front yard, I turned to Yelp and found Sarah. That was a lucky shot. Sarah did a site and landscape design for us, educated us, and handled the plant acquistion. I thoroughly appreciated the time she spent with us and consider the money we paid her to have been very well spent.

Sarah Herman designed the new landscaping for a newly re-done front yard, one year ago and it is absolutely THRIVING! She is very knowledgable and just a great person to work with. It requires very little water and I am just so happy with how everything turned out, as are many of my neighbors!

We worked with Sarah to re-do our backyard and we are THRILLED with the result – an environmentally sensitive, family-friendly, low maintenance backyard that is beautiful! Sarah was fantastic to work with. She took our vision and brought it to life, which wasn’t easy because we were starting with a very steep hill paved in concrete. Following Sarah’s suggestion, we used the concrete to build the garden walls to tier the yard. Now we have a flat grassy area for our toddler to run around on, fruit trees, and many California native plants that don’t require a whole lot of work. Our neighbors and friends are stunned when they see the before and after pictures.

Sarah did a wonderful job with my small front yard in North Berkeley. I knew I wanted mediterranean and native CA plantings that are drought tolerant. Sarah came up with a wonderfully comprehensive plant list, and she patiently walked me through the list in order to whittle it down to the couple dozen plants that I ended up using. Since I was on a tight budget and enjoy gardening, I did the installation myself. I highly recommend Sarah because she is a great listener, is very knowledgeable and works collaboratively.

Our family worked with Sarah to totally redesign our back yard in Alameda. The end result is BEAUTIFUL! Sarah is extremely easy to work with, lending her ideas and expertise, but listening closely to the customer’s needs and, importantly, working within your budget. Our project was on a smaller scale and our budget was modest, but we couldn’t be happier with the end result. She selected plants that are well-suited to the sandy soil in our area, including some native varieties, and she suggested creative solutions that allowed us to recycle some existing materials. I wish that I could post a picture here, but I urge you to check out Sarah’s beautiful work on her website.

Sarah designed our water-wise front yard in Los Angeles. It’s beautiful, and I water only twice a week for six minutes at a time, and give individual plants some extra water once in a while. Professional job, beautiful job, economical design. The butterflies and birds like it too.