Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Small Homes
Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels
Front Yard

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Small Homes

We work with the style of your house and your list of desires to create an impressive entrance for your home. The goal might be accomplished simply by adding colorful perennials or a focal point such as a stone wall. Some projects, however, require a complete makeover of driveway, front porch entrance and plants.

While most people interested in a front yard landscape initially express that curb appeal is their goal, the design will develop while also addressing many practical and lifestyle considerations. Practical aspects such as privacy, screening, terracing, drainage, parking and flow for guests as well as owners are vitally important.

Lifestyle considerations might include a place to sit & chat with neighbors or watch the kids play.

We’ve even designed beautiful front yard vegetable gardens and bird sanctuaries. Every site is different and everyone’s desires are unique.
Start making a list of your practical and lifestyle considerations to share with us during your Initial Consultation, the first step in our design process.