Front Yard Tropical Landscaping Ideas
Photo by Get Lost Mike from Pexels
Front Yard

Front Yard Tropical Landscaping Ideas

Your front yard is the first impression many people will have of your house, so when planning your tropical garden design, think about kerb appeal above all else, and make sure it is consistent with the style of your home. A well-maintained fence and, in some cases, something to walk under, like a pergola, can add a sense of arrival; while a wide, easy-to-walk-on pathway will help guests navigate your yard. Garden edging and neatly trimmed hedges will imply you take care of your home, and a special feature near the entrance, such as a large planter, sculpture or water fountain, will add personality and give guests a reason to stop and smell the roses.

How should I landscape my backyard?

A backyard is intended for relaxing, entertaining and playtime, so don’t opt for a typical lawn and patio just because everyone else is. Consider allocating areas of your backyard for activities such as dining and barbecues, reading a book and playing with the kids. Dividing your backyard up into areas will help you get more from the space. A vegetable garden or rose garden is a popular backyard staple, but you can turn it up a notch with interesting elements such as a pergola, arbour or raised garden bed. Also consider the seasons. A pool or spa is great for the summer, but keep it interesting, even when it gets cold, with the likes of a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. Finish it off with weather-proof outdoor furniture so your tropical backyard acts as an extension to your home.

How do I create a low-maintenance garden?

You may not be horticulturally inclined, or perhaps you don’t have time for landscape gardening – either way, you’ll be glad to know that not all gardens require a green thumb. In fact, some of the best tropical garden designs require very little maintenance at all – and they don’t have to include a large slab of pavement, either. In low-maintenance garden designs, hard landscaping – gravel, paving and decking – is best used in favour of grass, and is especially suitable for entertaining zones. Grasses do, however, require varying degrees of maintenance, so speak to a professional for his or her advice on which works best for your needs. Otherwise, there’s also the option of artificial grass. You might prefer a little patch of wilderness; something that looks more natural, in which case, there are plenty of native grasses, plants and flowers that can achieve this effect and require little care. Any labour-intense features such as vegetable gardens, greenhouses and flower beds can be maintained with an automatic irrigation system.