Simple Landscaping Ideas for Small Front Yards
Photo by Clayton Bunn from Pexels
Front Yard

Simple Landscaping Ideas for Small Front Yards

Photo Gallery

Large Pondless Waterfall:
This waterfall is about 18 feet tall with the top cascade being about 3 feet wide. Each of the moss boulders used the waterfall weighs between 1, 000 – 2, 000 + pounds.

Herb Garden Wall:
We built this wall to accommodate an herb garden the homeowner was going to plant. It is built to look like it has been there for years, so we used tumbled stone in a random pattern.

Tumbled Stone Wall:
A closer view of the wall shows 2 Pink Double Knock Out Roses with trellis’ behind them. Each stone was carefully placed with the goal of not wasting any stones and adding many interesting designs


Night Waterfall:
This is a picture of the large pondless waterfall at night. What a difference some low voltage lights can do to highlight the water and boulders.

Night Path:
This is a pathway through a xeric prairie garden. The beautiful thing about this is that it was taken in January! Landscaping can be interesting all day and all year if done right.

Bench at Night:
This was taken of a nice sitting area in a xeric prairie garden. This is in the middle of January and it is still very interesting to look at, even at night.


Ashlar Wall:
The stone used here was the same stone used to build the amphitheater in Lions Park. We hand chiseled and placed each stone. It is very strong too. Notice the moss boulders sitting right on top. This is 1 of 3 walls in the back yard.

Prairie Golf:
Golf in a landscape? Why not. The homeowner is a huge fan of golf and wanted us to build him a fun little golf course. The course has 3 tee boxes, 2 sand traps, and 1 golf ball cleaner.

Piece of Paradise:
This is a small yard in the avenues that we transformed from just grass and mud into a piece of paradise. A small waterfall and pond is just outside a bedroom. This yard also has 2 Flagstone patios, a path, a grass area and over 50 shrubs and perennials.

Large Pondless:
This waterfall could have been taken right out of the mountains and put into this yard. It wasn’t, because that would be wrong. We built it using large moss boulders, river rock, a 10, 000 gallon per hour pump, and some imagination.

Flowers and Waterfall:
This shows some yellow Yarrow, Wild Shrub Rose, Blue Gramma Grass, and Karl Forster with a nice waterfall and stream for sound and movement.