Landscaping IDEAS for Sloped Backyard
Photo by Allan Mas from Pexels
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Landscaping IDEAS for Sloped Backyard

Problem: Long, narrow yard

Solution: Divide and conquer with zones

You can play around with furniture placement, lay down an outdoor rug or introduce contrasting flooring, and strategically position built-ins and garden beds around the space.

Problem: Curved edges and odd angles

Solution: Fake it till you make it

Does the backyard boast curves or lots of odd angles? A simple (and sneaky) way to create an outdoor space with a more traditional and basic footprint is to fill any awkward nooks and gaps along the edge of your rear garden with trees, flowers and shrubs so that you’re left with a square or rectangular space in the center of your yard. The vibrant colors and textures of the plants will also offer loads of visual interest and draw attention away from the irregular shape.

For a backyard that oozes character and visual drama, take design cues from this stunning Sydney backyard and celebrate the quirky angles and curves of the property rather than camouflaging them. Embracing the shape of the yard will also ensure that you make the best use of the area, instead of wasting space trying to correct or disguise its flaws.

If the backyard is quite angular, like the spectacular outdoor zone above, introduce lots of lush, leafy plants as well as circular design features and soft furnishings to help soften its harsh angles.

Problem: Sloped

Solution: Work it to your advantage

Working with a sloped backyard? Here’s a creative way you can use it to your advantage. Rather than taming the slope, transform it into a play area for kids. This child-friendly incline has been outfitted with a concrete slide and pull-up rope. Genius!

Another way to use a slope to your advantage is to introduce terraces, which will minimize awkward inclines and transform the slope into a more functional and user-friendly outdoor area. Plus, as you can see looking at this stepped alfresco space, multilevel gardens also offer lots of visual drama and add dimension to compact outdoor zones.

Problem: Awkward corners and nooks

Solution: Add a statement feature

Water features, sculptures, planters, sand pits and garden seating nooks are perfect fillers for oddly shaped corners and crevices that you’re not quite sure what to do with. Not only will these accents rescue a space that may otherwise go unused, but they’ll make an attractive design statement, too.

Whatever space filler you choose, make sure it fills the entire nook so the area looks cozy and complete, rather than bare and unfinished.

Problem: Compact garden

Solution: Play with horizontal and vertical lines

If the backyard in which you’re working is on the tight side, make the area appear larger than it really is by working in horizontal and vertical motifs. Here, square pavers are arranged in a stepped and linear pattern, and direct the eye to the back garden wall, creating the illusion of greater depth.