Narrow Backyard Landscaping IDEAS
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Narrow Backyard Landscaping IDEAS

Everyone wants their own outdoor retreat. Unfortunately, many of us don’t know where to begin when looking at a small backyard. They can be easily neglected or never fully utilized.

It’s time to make the most out of your tiny backyard. Just because the space is limited, it doesn’t mean you can’t create the garden of your dreams or the perfect outdoor space. Here are a few backyard ideas to get you started.

Lawn Care

First, take care of your backyard. Just because the yard looks small, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need care. It’s important to make space available by decluttering your lawn. Clear out any old containers or lawn ornaments that are worn or could be put elsewhere. You can save some of these items if they’re in good condition, but rain, wind and other elements can impact these items, especially if they’re not good quality.

Proper lawn maintenance and care will help keep your lawn looking its best no matter the size. Of course, DIY lawn care is always an option. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you evaluate what care your lawn will need.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

It’s recommended that trees should be trimmed or pruned annually for the safety of your home and for health of the tree. Determine what needs to be pruned and why. Is a branch too close to the home? Is there a dead branch affecting the tree’s health? The average cost of tree trimming is between $170 and $333 from a lawn care pro, but can also be done with hand pruners or loppers depending on the situation.


Getting rid of weeds is important to the overall health of your lawn and must be done regularly. Some choose to maintain their lawn by pulling up the weeds and others opt to use a weed killer. If you’d rather trust a pro with this lawn care task, it can cost between $12-$40 an hour.

Lawn Mowing

A task many of us have done in the past, but forget to keep up is a regular mowing schedule. This task simply takes a lawn mower and some time to complete. The average cost of professional mowing services is around $61, but it varies by yard size.


It’s important that your lawn has the proper amount of water, especially if you intend on planting more flowers, shrubs and bushes. A sprinkler system could be a good investment. The average cost to install a sprinkler system is $2, 310, but this depends on the size of the yard and equipment used.

Backyard Fence Ideas

A small backyard does not mean you don’t have to compromise security. Adding or upgrading a fence can still be beneficial to creating the outdoor oasis you desire. The average cost of fence installation is $2, 388, but this also depends on the type of fence you want to install. Even if your yard is small, you can still consider a few fence styles that can help create a unique backyard space.

Lattice Fence

Give your small backyard a bit of extra privacy and a bit of a unique style. A lattice fence is a great way to add extra vertical space to your lawn. Let ivy wind its way up the fence, creating a natural decoration. Or, plant flowers at the base of the fence to add some extra décor.

Picket Fence

Backyard Landscaping

It’s amazing what a bit of landscaping can do for your backyard. With the right style, plant and material choices, you can make your yard seem bigger and comfortable. Remember, when beginning any landscaping project, call 811 before digging. This will prevent any damage to utility lines around your house.

Incorporating landscaping in your backyard will not only create a great, new space for your family to enjoy, but also increase your home’s value. Create a garden path out of stone or mulch, utilizing diagonal lines to elongate the yard. Water features help customize your yard, but they don’t have to be big. A small pool or bubbler fountain will be just what your yard needs to create peace.