Small Backyard Landscaping IDEAS for Privacy
Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels
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Small Backyard Landscaping IDEAS for Privacy


Backyard landscaping and design, planting and decorating can transform the garden, fill the outdoor space with harmony and tranquility. It will be pleasant to have a rest from everyday work, spend time with the children, meet guests, or simply enjoy the surrounding beauty. At first glance it seems like an easy task to create a harmonious outdoor area but in reality, this is a serious task which should not be approached lightheartedly. We shall look at the basic elements of backyard landscaping, garden planning and decoration which are of greatest significance for creating a balanced and visually appealing space and are the most important backyard design tools.

Backyard landscaping ideas – where to start from?

Landscape design dates back thousands of years. Remember the famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World? Landscaping is art and work which combines different elements, and creates a harmony and beauty on any plot. Many talented landscape designers have left their name in history and even nowadays the garden of Versailles inspire and admire numerous visitors.

Whether you design a huge harden, a park or a backyard, there are a number of rules and key elements which are essential for the successful landscape. The plan is the first step and if you are a fan of DIY projects, experts recommend that you start with a sheet of paper and draw your ideas so that you have a clear vision of what exactly you want to have in the backyard and how the layout in your head will work in reality. Always remember that excessive garden decor will make the backyard look like a patchwork. In a small backyard you should use the “less is more” principle, so that every element in the design is clearly visible and not lost among all other decorations.

Before you start with the backyard landscaping, you need to take into account the climate conditions. There is no need to explain that they are essential for your garden. The duration of summer, for example, will affect not only the selection of plants, but also for construction work. Humidity, wind, the position of the plot itself are important factors for the design of the garden.

The house architecture will set the appearance and the style of your backyard landscaping. The outdoor area has to complement the house, to be an extension of the home and work in harmony with the architectural style. A contemporary landscape will not complement a house in Tudor style and vice versa. There are many landscape styles to choose from – classic, with strict geometry of lines and shapes, minimalist style, English style, Mediterranean, Asian, rustic but whatever style you choose, the most important rule is that it is in harmony with the architectural style of the house.