Suburban Backyard Landscaping IDEAS
Photo by Jason Boyd from Pexels
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Suburban Backyard Landscaping IDEAS

For a while it was fortunate for us that the back yard was, well, in the back. The many sinkholes left from rotted tree stumps were the only places on the whole slope not weed-infested; the whole area surrounded by a tired, moss-covered and rickety fence. I think a rusting jalopy could have gone unnoticed back there. The dogs loved it, but we usually stayed confined to the deck; its moss conveniently matching that on the fence.

For all the books, magazines and websites we reviewed, it was hard to know where to begin. We had an idea and knew that to do it at all we’d want it done right. Even if we possessed the skills, there was no time. Thank goodness we were referred to Andrew!

With Andrew’s expert guidance and incredible foresight, we were able to arrive at a layout that suited our tastes and our budget. Before long, the orchestration began and the various players in this backyard makeover began to do their parts. The operation was a well-oiled machine. Landscapers, masons and carpenters came and went, at the right times, progressing aesthetically as they worked.

The result has been a true oasis that continues to pull us from the house. It is a stark and beautiful transformation from the old. Everything continues to flourish and, by design, flowers at different times. Mainly the blossoms are white, which was Andrew’s suggestion and we totally love. It is really very hard to imagine the old back yard now without our “before” photographs. Thanks Andrew for helping to create this new, beautiful spot!