Texas Backyard Landscaping IDEAS
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Texas Backyard Landscaping IDEAS

If you’re feeling inspired by spring and need new backyard ideas to spruce up your landscape design, your local landscaper recommends you look to aquatic gardens and water features. in Sugar Land, TX, is the area’s expert landscape architect team and recommends homeowners explore the top trends in water design before embarking on their spring and summer projects.

1. Garden Waterfalls

Whether you desire a large and impressive waterfall to adorn your pool area or imagine a smaller feature in your backyard garden, waterfalls provide a refreshing look and zen-like ambiance for any style and size home. Colourscape specializes in custom waterfalls and creates the ideal experience for each homeowner based on their inspiration and preferences. Let them craft rocks around your waterfall or add lights to the feature to illuminate the space at night.

2. Relaxing Ponds

Ponds are also perfect for relaxation and will impress your guests. Like waterfalls, you can choose any size and type of pond for your backyard, and your landscaper will take care of the rest. A variety of materials and characteristics are available for any budget. Design a custom Koi pond or a sleek pool of water to compliment a permanent seating area.

3. Stone Floor Fountains

Stone floor fountains are one of the hottest backyard ideas for 2017. These aquatic garden staples incorporate the beauty and power of bubbling, cascading water without the opulent drama of waterfalls and ponds. Your landscaper will line a shallow basin with smooth, hand-selected pebbles and rocks, insert a fountain in the middle, and add gorgeous plants around it to complete the look.

The top trends in aquatic design are waiting for you. To explore more backyard ideas with your community experts, call Colourscape in Sugar Land, TX, at (281) 277-6122. For more information about their pavers and pool landscaping services, visit their website.