Tropical Landscaping IDEAS for Backyard
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Tropical Landscaping IDEAS for Backyard

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Tropical backyard gardens help the mind and the body to relax. Adding modern tropical plants can update the look of any garden, giving it a unique appeal. Planting tropical trees, flowers and fruits allows a garden to stay green all year round, especially in South Florida.

With the right steps, it’s easy to turn a humble garden into a tropical backyard paradise.

Those who live in South Florida will know the difficulties that can accompany planting choices. A plant has to be hardy enough to withstand the heat, the sun and the humidity. However, both large tropical plants and small tropical plants love the humidity; they actually thrive in it. It reminds them of their native landscape!

One of the best reasons to use tropical landscaping for small and large backyards is the color. These plants offer beautiful color, exotic blooms and flamboyant foliage, which can transform any into a tropical garden. As the temperatures rise, these plants get more and more beautiful.

In warmer regions, such as those in southern Florida, many tropical plants hold their color all year. These plants love the summer heat; they thrive in it and actually do much better in the warm air. Full-sun settings also help this type of achieve its full potential.

Of course, all tropical plants need a lot of moisture. So when designing a garden, it’s important to create a water source. The soil has to be rich; it should include a soil conditioner as well as compost before plants are added.

A water garden is another good idea; it’s soothing and serves a purpose. Fill it with tropical plants like the Egyptian Papyrus, Elephant Ears, Canna Lilies and Birds of Paradise as these tropical plants thrive in water.

The Queen’s Wreath is sometimes called the coral vine. It is native to Mexico and can grow up to 40 feet. Many landscapers use it on arbors because of its rich, evergreen color and beautiful heart-shaped leaves. It’s pink, coral and white flowers bloom from spring through the fall.

Cat’s Whiskers are tropical plants with long white or purple flowers. This plant is native to East Asia, but it grows well in South Florida.

The Chinese Lantern is a tropical plant that produces tiny white flowers in the spring; those tiny white flowers are barely noticeable but are quickly followed by brilliant orange husks reminiscent of round balloons. As an added bonus, inside each husk is a tiny, edible scarlet fruit. The plant loves sun, but too much moisture can be a problem.

The Pigeon Pea is a beautiful tropical plant that grows quickly and also has edible seeds. The flowers are red and yellow; which turn into green pods. This plant loves full sun.

Those considering a tropical oasis in their backyard should contact Plant Professionals. Our team of experienced and creative landscape designers can create a lush, green yard from start to finish. For an estimate, call (305) 259-0503 or fill out the online form today!