Very Small Backyard Landscaping IDEAS
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Very Small Backyard Landscaping IDEAS

Inner city life means that outdoor space is hard to come by and large backyards are almost impossible, so it’s important to work smart with what you’ve got.

No matter what your outdoor set up is there are garden and landscaping ideas for small backyards to reinvent your space.

Take a seat

Adding a bench means if you are stuck for space it won’t be taken up extra chairs and tables. You’ve also got the opportunity to turn it into a feature with plants and creative lighting.

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Mirror mirror on the wall…

As mentioned as one of our Quirky Gardening Ideas, mirrors are a great way to make smaller gardens look larger and also reflect light. Whether you use big or small ones, a mirror will make an impact.

Grow some Ivy
Using crawlers such as Ivy or jasmine you can turn a boring wall into something a little more interesting. All you need to do is put some wire in place and attach the crawler, then as is grows it’s important to prune it and keep it growing in the right direction.

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The only way it up

If you have a rooftop garden that is. By having your own private rooftop it really allows you to increase your value by turning it into an outdoor dining area, or perhaps an area to go and relax. You could even create your own herb garden.

Source: Architecture and Design

Make a water feature

Adding a focal point such as a water fountain or pond is a lovely calming solution to draw your attention to when you’re outside. This type of installation is well suited to inner city living.

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The grass is always greener…

Adding grass to you backyard will make your area seem larger and also great for the kids and pets. It can be real or astro turf, depending on how much home gardening maintenance you’re willing to put up with.

Edible plants
You can still have your herb garden by utilising some of the blank wall space. You can recycle pot plants and turn it into a DIY project, or buy some new ones.

Source: Movietrailers

Add some height

Horizontal gardens are the way to go if you have a very small space and still want to make an impact in a modern space. For these type of installations it might take a bit of landscape design to ensure that it’s all done correctly.