Backyard Pool and Landscaping IDEAS
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Pool Landscaping

Backyard Pool and Landscaping IDEAS

Walkway Ideas for the Front Yard

Properly design front walkways should not only be utilitarian, they should entice visitor from the driveway or street to the front entry of the home. Materials should complement the setting and/or the architecture of the house. Pavers or natural stone can be used, but again, properly installed natural stone will always provide the best return on investment. For formal entryways, elegant staircases and fountains can be used to enhance the scene. Also, do not overlook the pattern of the walkway. The stone pattern is a subtle way to set the tone for the front yard landscaping NJ.

Front yard planting ideas

Front yard planting ideas should address the appeal of the home from the street, also known as curb appeal. First, the landscape should be to scale with the home to avoid looking awkward, inadequate, or overbearing. Cluttered front yard landscaping and holes in the landscape can both be avoided with the right front yard landscaping design. Perennials, trees, and shrubs can blend together in a way that fits the home, invites visitors, and attracts passing neighbors. Mature tree plantings can also reduce energy costs for the home. Windbreaks and shade can reduce heating and air conditioning costs if they are strategically placed in the front yard.

Masonry Piers in the Front Yard

Piers are masonry structures that frame front entry gates, line fences, or simply stand alone as pillars of curb appeal, they are also used to support lights or enclose mailboxes. Piers in the front yard landscape can be brick or natural stone. Thin- stone veneer is cost effective alternatives to a full depth natural stone veneer. For style purposes, materials or ideas are usually borrowed from architectural details on the house itself. To integrate piers into the surrounding front yard landscaping, plantings and flower gardens typically surround the piers with color and softer textures. Well-designed and beautifully constructed masonry piers create the ultimate entryway.

Outdoor living is all about creating a destination. Backyard landscaping ideas transform pools, landscapes, outdoor kitchens, and patios into aesthetically pleasing tools for functional outdoor living. Take a look at some backyard landscaping ideas that will make your yard the ultimate destination.

Ideas for Fire Features

Backyard landscaping with fire creates warmth, light, and dynamic focal points. Depending upon style, fire can be used in a couple of different ways. Formal fire tables, bowls and custom outdoor fireplaces can highlight the outdoor living experiences. More natural landscaping ideas would include tiki torches, Volcanic fire pits, and camp-style fire pits.

Swimming Pool Landscaping Ideas

Swimming pool landscaping can accommodate a wide range of styles. Formal pools feature ornate, classical shapes, materials, and styles. One idea for a formal pool design NJ would be a Roman End pool with Tuscan style gardens. Natural pools look towards waterfalls and other natural landscaping ideas for inspiration. Natural landscaping and boulder waterfalls can recreate favorite pieces of nature. Modern or contemporary swimming pools incorporate straight lines and chic materials such as glass tile. Natural pools dictate more aged, weathered materials and landscaping that appears timeless. Faux stone can be colored and transformed for a more rugged, antiquated feel.

Retaining Walls in the Landscape

Retaining wall ideas span from precast to natural stone to thin stone to massive boulder placements. These walls depend heavily upon the style of the landscaping. Depending on placement in the backyard, you can focus more on budget than appearance in less visible areas. If the retaining wall is used on a downhill slope towards the back of the yard, more cost-effective materials can be used. For significant, high impact areas, visually appealing, natural veneer stone can provide a great look and tremendous value through long-term return on investment. For natural backyard landscaping, boulder rock outcroppings blend into the landscape, and they are an affordable alternative to walls.

Patio and Walkway Landscaping Ideas for the BackYard

When considering materials for your patio or walkway there are many options to choose from. Pavers, stamped concrete, and natural stone offer a variety of strengths and weaknesses. Natural stone is more expensive, but when it is properly installed and maintained it looks the best and lasts longest. Pavers tend to become outdated and offer a somewhat poor return on investment when comparing it to natural stone. Materials should match the style and function of the backyard area. Pool patios should be cool for bare feet. Limestone, Tennessee Crab Orchard, and Quartzite are good ideas for inground pool patios. Bluestone and brick absorb more heat and should be used for more formal areas that are not in full sun. Patio and walkway patterns are determined, in large part, by the style of the outdoor living space. Random, irregular patterns have a natural feel. Running bond patterns can be more formal. Natural stones and formal patterns achieve a nice balance for patios and walkways. Other interesting options include permeable pavers and stone slabs separated by ground cover or grass. These are environmentally friendly and have a nice, natural appeal.

Landscape and Pool Lighting Ideas

Landscape and pool lighting increases the value of the backyard. Well-lit pools and landscapes are safe, functional, and visually appealing. In the backyard, landscape lighting may offer depth to surroundings and showcase a beautiful backdrop for evening gatherings. LED landscape lighting is an energy-efficient way to softly illuminate focal points and safely light up pathways. Swimming pool lights can add ambient outdoor living spaces. Fiber optic lights can highlight water features and colored LED swimming pool lights can set a calm mood with bright blue or excite the senses with a flashy red. For the ultimate decorative night lighting, pool floors or grotto ceilings can be fit with fiber optic star lights that shine like stars across the night sky.

Landscaping Ideas with Rock and Stone

Rock and stone can be used in a variety of ways throughout the backyard. Some ideas include drainage, bioswales, decoration, and elevation. Larger stones can support elevation changes and add texture to the landscape. Decorative gravel and smaller stones can give the landscape added character. Decorative gravel, especially, is a nice alternative for drainage areas.