Pool Landscape IDEAS
Photo by Leonardo Rossatti from Pexels
Pool Landscaping

Pool Landscape IDEAS

Pools make perfect springboards for landscape inspiration.

Pools are fun, relaxing and even therapeutic additions to your backyard space. However, landscaping around a pool can be challenging. The pool should always appear to be an integral part of the landscape and mesh well with the yard’s theme. Whether you’re planning to revamp an existing landscape or start from scratch, a few simple do-it-yourself pool landscape design ideas up the wow factor of your yard with little effort.

Choose a Theme

Selecting a theme and remaining consistent with it is vital to a seamless union of pool and landscape. Using your pool as a starting point, take key features and use them for landscape inspiration. For example, rock pools lend themselves nicely to lush, tropical landscapes, while sleek, vanishing-edge pools meld effortlessly with minimalist landscape designs. Small or irregularly-shaped pools provide opportunities for cozy seating nooks that evoke feelings of intimacy.


Nearly every landscape design benefits from softscaping or greenery. Container plants that can be rearranged as needed make excellent choices for this task. Select plants of varying heights and color to create depth, while your choice of container lends visual texture. To cut down on maintenance responsibilities, avoid greenery that needs mulch or loses foliage that could blow into the pool. Potted palms, bamboo, hanging flower pots and unusual containers round out your landscape’s theme.

Let There Be Shade

To get the most use out of your backyard getaway, you’ll want to incorporate a shading solution. Work with your existing landscape to take advantage of any existing shade opportunities. While you may not want to directly shade the pool, nearby shaded areas provide guests with a place to relax and socialize out of the sun. Trees, shade arbors, pergolas and umbrellas all provide shade to extend the enjoyment of your space.

Elements of Light

Without proper lighting, your pool’s landscape may be a sight to behold during the day, but not so much at night. Adding lighting to both your pool and the surrounding landscape opens up your backyard possibilities. Evening entertaining by the pool becomes possible as landscape elements are illuminated to showcase their finest qualities. Place lighting in trees and light up water features and walkways to make these areas appear larger and more inviting.

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