Pool Landscaping IDEAS for Small Backyard
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Pool Landscaping

Pool Landscaping IDEAS for Small Backyard



Small plunge pools design ideas are the perfect option for people who have limited outdoor space. This type of pool will give you an authentic experience even if you have the smallest backyard and you will be able to take advantage of the many benefits that these pools provide. We shall look at different plunge pool designs, the pros and cons, the many benefits and how you can fit a plunge pool in your small backyard.

Many pool owners know that in a summer day there is nothing more relaxing than dipping in the backyard pool after a day of work, spending a couple of hours with the kids on a weekend afternoon and enjoying pool games, or just lying down by the pool with a cold drink and a good book. Many people love the idea of a backyard pool but having a full size garden pool is impossible because of the small outdoor space. What will work best for your small backyard? There are many ways to enjoy fabulous pool time and plunge pools are a good option as they can be fitted in almost any space. Moreover, you could do that on a budget. Sounds great, doesn’t it!

Plunge pools are one of the best space saving ideas and although they are limited in size they can be customized with water features like waterfalls, jets, pool lighting, an attractive pool fence can be added so that the patio or the backyard look welcoming and inviting.

Small plunge pools design ideas for small backyards

Small plunge pools design ideas do look intriguing despite of the small size. If you haven’t heard of this type of pools, you may wonder what pool this is? It is a pool or a small basin usually filled with cold water and is often used after a sauna or a hot tub. The typical plunge pool is small and shallow, designed for lounging rather than swimming. You cannot play volleyball or swim laps in such a pool but if you want to relax in a hot day and cool yourself, this type of pool is a good option.

There is some confusion between a plunge pool and a hot tub which is probably due to the small size. However, the major difference between a plunge pool and a hot tub is water temperature. Hot tubs, as we all know, are filled with hot water while plunge pools are filled with cold water. Sometimes both are designed and constructed together if the available space allows to have them both and if the homeowner wants to take advantage of both hot and cold water.

Pros and cons of plunge pools

The growing demand for plunge pools leads to many creative and original small plunge pools design ideas which are beautifully fitted in small backyards and create a fantastic atmosphere. These pools offer a number of advantages and the biggest one is the space saving as they do not take a lot of space. In terms of health benefits, plunging in cold water after a workout or after a sauna is practiced by many athletes and the cooling effect of water has been appreciated since ancient times. Another major advantage of these pools is that they need less water due to their small size. This means that you will have less water evaporation and lower maintenance costs in general. In terms of design – the options are numerous and vary in shape, size and style so that every homeowner would find the most suitable pool for a small backyard. The low cost is advantageous as the small size does not require a significant investment. A classic plunge pool does not require a pool water heating system, which is another cut in the maintenance costs.

On the downside of this type of pools is the fact that they are not very convenient for families with children who want to enjoy pool games and activities. In a plunge pool you cannot have a swim, or a game of water volleyball. Installing a springboard is practically impossible as well.

Why choose a plunge pool?

There are many reasons why people choose a plunge pool and everyone has a different motivation. They are very suitable for long narrow plots and this is a great way to utilize the space in a small garden.