Single Family Home Landscaping Ideas
Image by Achim Scholty from Pixabay

Single Family Home Landscaping Ideas

What goes into a Residential Landscape Design?

Darbi uses art and science to improve your home landscape design. Her aim is for a visually appealing, functional ecosystem – a landscape design that considers what’s best for you and the environment.

Single family homes and residential communities make up the vast portion of the built environment. To make the most of your outdoor environment’s functional area, Darbi and Red Bark Design look at what native plants will work best in your space, water harvesting possibilities, and even how to create wildlife habitats in your own backyard.

Take advantage of Red Bark Design’s visual intelligence training. Darbi and the team will identify the optimal use of space, patterns, as well as any environmental constraints, to develop a sophisticated design that exceeds your expectations.

Darbi and Red Bark Design are passionate about residential landscape design. The approach to your particular home outdoor space takes into account a number of considerations.

First, Darbi will consult with you at an initial site meeting to get a general idea of the size and scope of your home landscape design project. You’ll talk about your dream and wish list for the space. She also will talk about budget and help you determine if it’s realistic for the project scope. Expect questions like:

  • How much time to you plan to spend maintaining the space? Will you do it or hire it out?
  • Do you plan on constructing the project yourself, hiring out, phasing or a combination of both?