Backyard with Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas
Photo by Harvey Ashwin from Pexels

Backyard with Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas

An awesome backyard fire pit, outdoor fireplace, or any patio feature for that matter begins with a conversation. We strive to learn everything about what you want from your patio and landscape, not just how you want it to look, but how you’d like to enjoy it. It’s important to build something that matches the landscape as much as it matches you.


After meeting with you and learning about your landscape and needs, we begin sketching a design concept. We impart years of structural knowledge and creative expertise to create a concept that’s equally beautiful as it is durable. We want our patios, outdoor fireplaces, and fire pits to be enjoyed for years to come.

Once a design concept and estimate is agreed upon, we set out doing the heavy lifting. As professional contractors for over 30 years, we know that every shovel full of soil and hammer strike on stone affects you landscape. It’s our goal to excavate and construct your fire pit with the lowest impact on your landscape and daily life.

This is the part of process where you’ll see the fire pit or outdoor fireplace you’ve been dreaming of finally take shape. We go hands-on to make sure every facet is as you’ve envisioned, while always keeping in mind how your new patio feature will interact with your landscape, long after construction is completed. Our job is done once you’re ecstatic about your new fire pit or outdoor fireplace and we’re confident that it’s built to last.

If you want to heat up those cool summer evenings with a backyard fire pit or outdoor fireplace, Bolton Landscape can make it happen. Our team of expert masons and craftsmen has years of experience turning backyards into personal utopias. Tell us about what you’ve envisioned for your landscape on our Contact page, or call us directly at (203) 761-9775. Estimates are always FREE.