Sloped Backyard Landscaping IDEAS
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Sloped Backyard Landscaping IDEAS

Question: I have heard that a house with a sloped backyard is considered a bad feng shui house. Why is that? And are there good feng shui tips to improve our sloped backyard garden and create better feng shui around our house?

Answer: A house with a sloped backyard is considered a challenging feng shui house because a sloped backyard leaves the house with no supporting energy. Traditionally, the back of the house is the area of the Tortoise, which is one of the four celestial feng shui animals.

The energy of the Tortoise is considered to create support and stability for the house.

Ancient feng shui masters looked at a house as similar in its complex functions to a human body. Just as your body is most comfortable when it has good back support – think of a comfortable armchair – the same applies to a house. Your house needs good feng shui backing in order to create and maintain good supporting energy for people living in the house.

What can you do, though, when this feng shui supporting energy is missing or is very weak? You just have to do your best and create it!

Here are some feng shui tips for a house with a sloped backyard:

  1.  The best solution to raise the energy in your backyard and stop the energy from leaking is by creating an organic wall/ a wall made from natural materials that blend in with the environment. This can be done with a tall wooden fence, a row of evergreens or a combination of the two.
  2. Tall lights installed at the end of your sloping backyard will also help raise the energy. Please note that this works best in addition to the organic wall. Choose strong shapes and colors to maximize the effect of lights as feng shui cures for a sloped backyard.