Tropical Landscape Ideas Front Yard
Photo by Jess Loiterton from Pexels
Front Yard

Tropical Landscape Ideas Front Yard

As soon as the weather turns cold I yearn for it to be warm again. Whatever you say is the best thing about winter and how beautiful the snow is I will always root for summer all year long! Maybe that is how your brain is tuned if you are from the tropics? So here are some great front yard landscaping ideas for you, lush green grass and perfectly manicured flower beds.

This is what you usually see in the ‘burbs, curved beds full of annuals (for eye popping color) mixed in with trusty perennials/evergreens.

Or these where the house takes center stage.

But I tend to be drawn to yards like these;

Or these where the plants and trees are taller and blend in with the home rather than making it stand out.

I know, such a garden does not grow overnight and that you need to give it a few years to mature. But I think the choice of plants too play an important role in giving it a ‘lived in’ look. For example, the hostas and the wild flowers in the last two pics give a ‘been there for a long time’ feeling rather than a brand new bed of annuals. Ya, I think that’s it; a garden with lots of annuals packs a big color punch but has a ‘big box store nursery’ feel.

Take a look at this one. Again more perennials here.

Here is a garden in Sydney along the same lines.

And a Mediterranean style home in LA.