Landscape Design for Schools
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Landscape Design

Landscape Design for Schools

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Spring is your favorite time of year. You are happiest when the first flowers of the season have bloomed, allowing you to wander through plant nurseries, and prepare for another season spent getting your hands dirty in the garden. Does this sound like you? If so, consider enrolling at one of the available landscaping design or architecture schools. You can prepare to turn your love of gardening into a fulfilling career that will allow you to spend your days working outdoors and cultivating natural landscapes.

Through landscape design training, you can learn how to create plans that cover the aesthetics, functionality, and environmental aspects of an outdoor space. You can learn how to improve the curb appeal of residential homes through gardens and yards, and even create designs that promote xeriscaping—an approach to landscaping that focuses limited water use. A landscaping program can also teach you about vegetation, soil, drainage, climate, environmental regulations, and even design principles. Plus, you can gain valuable business skills, necessary for creating quotes, contracts, and more.

Whether you’re interested in a hands-on role, implementing designs and bringing your ideas to life, or working off-site in a design-focused capacity, one of the available landscaping design schools can help make it happen. Request more information today, and get ready to watch the seeds of your hard work grow into a promising career in gardening and landscape design!