Corner Landscaping Ideas
Image by wernerredlich from Pixabay

Corner Landscaping Ideas

Basic corner lot landscaping layouts like this are the common majority. A dominant lawn area and some foundation plantings fill in most of the space. It’s a fairly carefree yard which would require periodic hedge trimming, weeding the flower beds, and scheduled lawn mowing.

The large tree is out of place and as a lone specimen, is distracting. Rather than accent the home and create some proportionate structure, it hides the home. If it’s purpose were to provide shade for the window, it would serve better being placed farther into the front yard and away from the home.

While a pillar shaped tree like this may not spread its branches enough to harm the exterior of the home, its roots may cause damage to any surrounding structures including the foundation of the home. Generally, the feeder roots spread out to at least the farthest tip of the branches which is called the drip line. You should know the mature size of your plants and in situations like this, allow for a buffer.

The tree is a little large for its area and should be planted farther into the yard in line with the street corner and the corner of the home. And again, if the purpose is to create shade, the location of the tree should be dependant on the travel of the sun.

The flower bed placed directly in the corner is a common design practice for yards on corner lots. Besides just seeming like a good place for it, flower and planting beds placed here are very central and are very visible as a focal point.