Country Landscaping Ideas
Image by Kerstin Riemer from Pixabay

Country Landscaping Ideas

If you are considering rejuvenating your garden area with sustainable and eco friendly ideas, but have planned a holiday overseas, it’s a good idea to wait until you come home before making the final plans. Why? Sometimes you see many lovely landscaping ideas around Bali villas and in other locations and even other countries. You may even see some garden hardware that you would just love to enhance your property with.

For instance, many people love Balinese garden statues and the way in which they are showcased in the gardens of that country. You can easily purchase this type of thing while in Bali and have it freighted home, because it will most likely to too heavy to carry. It is possible to get something truly unique that will make your lawns and gardens really stand out.

Many such ideas spring into being from the efforts of local people making the best of what they have, even though they and many of their friends are really not well off. This means that they are quite likely to be highly sustainable and even if you don’t purchase the actual products, you can get quite a few ideas that can be translated back into your on garden using products from your own country.

There are quite a few artisans in Australia that make attractive garden hardware from recycled goods that no one else can see the value of. But because they see it with their artistic eye, it can become an amazing piece of art suitable for your garden, even a mailbox or a seat, depending on what it is. One clever person may make a standing horse from naturally shaped sticks glued together; another may make a garden bench from recycled timber or an artistic piece from pieces of scrap iron.

Including these products in your garden is supporting the recycling effort as well as the artist who was clever enough to see the potential in the scrap product. And what you get out of it is such an effective piece of artistry, no one would ever think it was once just scrap. Better still, these products add permanent beauty to your landscaping, but they don’t require much maintenance and certainly no watering.

So there are many more ways of being eco friendly in the garden than just adding mulch or organic fertilisers. You can certainly get many lovely ideas from overseas gardens, just as people from those places who travel to Australia can get ideas from our beautiful gardens.

When you look for gardening ideas in places like Bali, it helps you to see the country through different eyes, because you look past all the glitz and glamour of the entertainment on offer and notice the real thing behind it.