Easy Landscaping IDEAS for Front of House
Image by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay

Easy Landscaping IDEAS for Front of House

For Your Front Porch And Yard

Mary and I have collected 10 easy landscaping ideas from our travels photographing front porches across the U.S. to share with you. Most importantly, they are fun to do and will help you create lots of curb appeal for your front porch and home.

They are ideal for both large and small porches. In fact, many of our ideas can have a dramatic affect in creating extra charm and appeal on small porches or porticos.

No matter the size of your front porch, the right landscaping adds intrinsic value to any home.

Qauint landscaping to add lots of charm

10 Easy Landscaping Ideas

Although a few may take a little time to do, and others may take time to see the final results (plant growth time), our 10 easy landscaping ideas are sure to give your front yard and porch a nice new look.

1. Use Large Planting Containers

Use large planting containers on your front porch with bold and colorful plants to make a huge impression. An added bonus is that large containers retain more water than smaller ones – meaning less work.

To make your work even easier, you can obtain self-watering planters like those pictured above. These are perfect for those who want lovely looking plants but find it difficult to maintain them if away from home for extended periods.

2. Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Create curb appealing and eye-catching landscape displays near your front porch by using plants with differing shapes, colors, and textures, and even leaf patterns. Continue your pattern onto other areas of your front yard for continuity.

Before: Typical planting bed

After: Transformed into a curb appealing array of color

3. Plant Low-Maintenance Plants

Minimize your work by planting low maintenance foliage. By using a combination of grasses and herbs, you cut down on watering and you’ll only need to do a little periodic pruning.

Low maintenance mixed perennials and grasses

4. Extend Your Small Porch

Use a combination of plants and pavers to extend the look of a small porch or portico. Small entrances can be visually enlarged by creating a patio area either in front of or beside the front door. Add either in-ground plants or a combination of large and small planting containers to finish the look.

Landscaped patio extension off main porch

See more !

5. Help For Small Yards

Have a very small front yard? Expand your planting bed leaving only a short expanse of grass creating a more colorful and curb appealing array of foliage.

Nice use of both colorful foliage and hardscape

6. Integrate Your Walkways

Expand or integrate your planting borders to create a walkway to the front porch. If feasible, include aromatic plants so your visitors can enjoy the journey from the street to your home. This also works well for establishing walkways to the sides of your home.

Walkway appears as part of the landscape design

This also works well for establishing walkways to the sides of your home.

Stone path around front of house to side

7. Integrate Artwork

Integrate artwork, like sculptures or statues, into your landscaping to create a focal point and add lots of interest. This is a really easy landscaping idea because you can use items from around your home with with to decorate.

Artistic statue integrated into landscape

8. Plants For Slopes

Consider using low maintenance and easy growing foliage for slopes near your porch. Evergreens, ferns, and grasses make it easy to maintain and create a beauty all their own.

Evergreens planted on sloping ground

9. Picket Fence Fancy

One of our favorite easy landscaping ideas – we like picket fences. Use a backdrop like a partial picket fence with which to plant against. This works well at the corners of your yard or at the ends of your porch or home. You need not have to install a lot of picket fence. Quite the contrary, you only need about 8-10 feet!

Curb appealing picket fence

10. Walkway Designs

Sidewalks have appeal especially if they warrant a second look. Avoid making them straight; a curved sidewalk has an appeal all on its own. Use pavers, brick, flagstone, or a combination of materials to make it interesting. They also give you more areas beside which you can decorate with foliage.

Nicely curved walkways add interest to any yard

Mary and I hope you enjoyed these 10 easy landscaping ideas. Our landscaping pages are filled with even more ideas and beautiful landscaping pictures to give you myriads of ideas for your front yard and porch.

Here’s one more idea. A bonus from us…

Bonus Idea: Coordinate the Colors of Your Landscaping with Your Home

Coordinate the colors of your flowers to coordinate with the colors of your home. Our home has blue shutters and a blue front door. These flowers “pop” against the colors of our home.
A collage of the flowers planted around our front porch. They all complement our home nicely. Just as the sky reflects the ocean, so should your landscaping reflect the colors and style of your home. If you make a purchase through one of our affiliate links, we may earn a commission, but the cost is the same to you. Here is our about affiliate marketing.
The Amazon ads are our affiliate links. Thank you.

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