Front House Landscape Ideas
Image by Peter H from Pixabay

Front House Landscape Ideas

Flower Garden Ideas for Around Your Porch

What’s not to like? This front house landscaping combines natural landscaping materials to create a unique walkway. Stone, split rail fencing, branch backed chair, and the right plants form a cohesive natural appeal as you approach the front porch.

I like how the fencing was used to create separate flower beds along the walkway and the colors blend together nicely.

Color. Nothing beats color for the perfect front yard landscaping around your porch. A pleasant mix of colorful perennials that bloom throughout the spring, summer, and fall almost always creates a curb appealing look.

Because this porch sits higher from the ground larger shrubs were chosen to frame the porch steps. A nice choice of plants with varying heights creates a welcoming floral arrangement. Notice how the floral colors complement the porch colors.

A vibrant mix of colors in spring always creates instant curb appeal like in the photo below. Flowering trees, tulips, daffodils, crocuses, pansies, or forsythia can be used quite easily to make any porch stand out.

This porch has a beautifully designed railing that you don’t want to hide with landscaping. A selection of low growing shrubs, perennial flowers, and complement the railings to form a cohesive look.


Try to avoid straight lines. Curved planting beds like that shown below and curved walkways almost always makes things more interesting. Use a garden hose or small diamter pvc to help outline your beds. They are easy to move around in order to get the perfect shape.

Awesome! Everything works on this beautiful Victorian porch. The hanging baskets complement the colors of the home – a perfect match!

There are so many more front yard landscaping ideas we want to share with you so be sure to visit our that includes access to so many other wonderful ideas for your yard and porch.

Dalton’s Landscaping Ideas – Nashville, Tennessee

We are pleased to feature Dalton Quigley who owns and operates Dalton’s Landscaping serving the middle Tennessee area.

Often times less is more. Here’s a good example of somewhat overgrown and unmanaged landscaping. Dalton is installing a nice stone border and will revitalize the area in front of the porch.


As you can see, Dalton has given a new perspective to the front porch and created lots of curb appeal.

Sophisticated Landscaping Ideas

The project shown below lends a bit more sophistication to this beautiful brick home and large front porch.The Amazon ads are our affiliate links. Thank you.

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