Help of a handyman on your site
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Help of a handyman on your site

Known as “handyman”, the service consists in the possibility of calling a home repairman or an employee to perform various chores. Such a service has long ceased to be the prerogative of single women. The offered service is increasingly resorted to by pensioners and full-fledged families, whose members do not have free time for housekeeping or skills in carrying out repair work.

Types of work performed by the handyman

Types of work performed by the handyman
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Household service companies usually provide the services of a universal master who is able to perform the following types of work for a fee. Hire a Handyman for:

  • elimination of small defects in the finish – gluing lagging wallpaper, installing fallen tiles or individual panels, updating painting or plastering of small areas of wall and ceiling surfaces;
  • dismantling or repair of light partitions and suspended structures;
  • minor plumbing repairs;
  • electrical work – installation of sockets, switches, lamps, replacement of burnt out light bulbs;
  • repairing objects and furniture upholstery;
  • connection and adjustment, if possible, repair of various household appliances and equipment;
  • house cleaning, window washing, garbage removal.

In order to attract customers, many firms provide services for carrying out various works on personal plots – harvesting firewood, mowing lawns, watering or weeding vegetable gardens, cutting down trees, helping to pick fruit, repairing small outbuildings.

Private masters
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Private masters can also provide their services as a handyman, but their work usually costs more. In addition, service organizations provide certain guarantees of the quality of work performed and have a wider selection of qualified personnel.