get rid of termites
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How to get rid of termites: only working methods

Termites resemble ants; they are herbivorous insects that lead primitive social activities. These are relatives of cockroaches, and therefore they are treated as pests. The fight against termites is carried out in many countries, these creatures cause millions of damages, and their invasions cause panic.

Getting rid of termites:

  • use a remedy for termites of national origin;
  • the use of chemicals;
  • escape with traps;
  • contacting arizona termite control company that know exactly how to get rid of termites.

You can fight in any way, the main thing is to get the desired result. If termites in the home are not eradicated, then problems such as the destruction of furniture, walls and wooden structures will arise. That’s why it is very important to ask termite inspections for help.


The fight against termites in a wooden house often begins with the use of products from the store. They help fight entire colonies.

Insecticides in liquid form – with their help it is problematic to bring out a full-fledged colony of insects. The drug is used as an impregnation of furniture or the creation of barriers around the house from a bar, a bathhouse and other buildings on the site. It is slow, ingested by creatures after eating a tree, and causes paralysis;

Granular products – help to destroy insects living on the street. Use them if you need to protect a building. Pests die immediately after eating granules;

Foam – such termite control means can clog the passages along which soldiers and workers move. If these castes stop bringing food, then the royals will die. A week of fasting is enough for termite ants to die, how to get rid of them is written in the instructions;

Boric acid – will get rid of pests, but the process will be long.