Lakefront Landscape Ideas
Image by tongchang from Pixabay

Lakefront Landscape Ideas

To deliver a high level of expertise, we have two specialized teams.
When you want to transform your landscape, our Land Design team
delivers creative solutions in complex settings.


The Paragon Land Design team executes larger-scale projects – from stonework and flower designs to exclusive outdoor architecture. When you’re ready to transform your landscape, the Land Design team makes your vision a reality. Some projects reshape a landscape with structures, stairs, walls or water features. Others simply call for a new planting strategy and placement. To deliver creative solutions in complex settings, the Paragon Land Design team combines big-picture planning with focused expertise.

Paragon Land Design provides:
  • Solutions for high-end and unique properties – including lakefront landscapes
  • A unique and different approach
  • Plans that include stonemasonry, bricklaying and carpentry
  • An elite level of artistry
  • Large-scale land engineering capabilities
  • Breathtaking designs
  • Custom-built outdoor living spaces
  • Creative features for water and fire
  • Total landscape transformation
Land Design Capabilities:
  • Pergolas
  • Perennial Gardens
  • Lakefronts
  • Entryways
  • Walls
  • Fire Pits
  • Fireplaces
  • Fences
  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Staircases
  • Gazebos
  • Water Features
  • Fountains
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Outdoor Living Rooms
  • Pool Enclosures
  • Sitting Areas
  • Terraces


Every property presents unique challenges and possibilities.
Our Land Design team is particularly proud of these landscape transformations.

The Challenge

The Wielands wanted a modern country estate with outdoor spaces and transitions that accommodated their active family and their love for entertaining. As an award-winning furniture and product designer, Mr. Wieland wanted his landscape to reflect an architectural, design-oriented aesthetic. One key consideration was the steeply sloping lawn, which restricted access to the pool. Installation costs, maintenance costs and a proactive care plan were also
important factors.

The Solution

The Paragon team collaborated closely with the Wielands to incorporate unique features and determine the property’s long-term maintenance needs. Outdoor spaces were designed to blend the home with the surrounding natural beauty. The project included a pool area, a fire pit terrace, a small sports field, a 2/3-size football field, a cut flower/kitchen garden, a shaded entry and an entertainment terrace.

After diligent hunting, recycled sandstone curbing was chosen for its ability to both unify and separate each outdoor space. This versatile and low-cost stone worked well in a variety of applications, creating visual interest while keeping costs manageable. Stones were hand-dressed and carefully assembled to create the unique fire pit terrace. Built to accommodate larger groups, the terrace’s two-tiered, amphitheater-style seating gives everyone a cozy seat, without being too close to the heat.

Our Land Design crew improved the space between house and pool by elevating the area, building a stone retaining wall and adding stone steps. In addition to better pool access, the transformation created a small sports field for the kids and their guests. Then came the finishing touches. Instead of sprawling, hard-to-manage beds, plants were grouped together in concentrated sections. The beds were large enough make a beautiful impression, small enough to easily maintain, and strategically positioned frame the spacious grounds.

To manage costs, the entire project stretched over several years, and high-labor elements were completed at a discount during the slower wintertime and summertime months. Communicating regularly with the Wielands, we implemented a comprehensive land care plan. For cost control and entertaining purposes, highly visible areas of the landscape receive more attention and service, while less-visible areas are tended only as needed. Potential problem areas are watched closely to prevent weeds or overgrowth.

The Result

“Design and aesthetics are important to our family. But as we began planning, we didn’t want to put form ahead of function. We wanted our landscape to be a comfortable place to spend time with family, for a long time to come. We were also conscious of the expense. Trent was great at hearing what we wanted and turning it into something real. He was willing to work collaboratively. His solutions were imaginative and unique, and he accomplished it all with our budget in mind. His team was excellent, from top to bottom.”

Blair Wieland, property owner

The Dodens wanted a landscape that framed their new lake home and accented its natural setting. The outdoor space needed to accommodate family, friends and frequent weekend guests. Because the property included a lakefront, a main cottage, a carriage house and a guesthouse, the landscape needed connect the property, creating paths “from anywhere to anywhere.” It was also important that the project matched the Dodens’ aesthetic and the architect’s plans, while aligning with the timeline of up to 30 contractors. Parking and work space were limited, the timeline was short, and steep hills made work conditions dangerous.

For nearly two years, we worked closely and continuously with the homeowners, the architect and the builder to complete a stunning landscape. To accommodate gatherings large and small, a series of interconnecting S-shaped curves divide the lakeside landscape into spaces large and small, sunny and shaded, public and private. A tree-shaded fire pit mezzanine provides ample seating and gorgeous lake views day or night.