Landscape Bridges Ideas
Image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay

Landscape Bridges Ideas

Like an artist selecting paint colors for their masterpiece the designers at Stony Bridge Landscaping take great care to select just the right variety of plants, colors and textures to create landscapes that are both innovative and beautiful.

But their palette includes more than flowers and shrubs. The demand for hardscaping has grown significantly in recent years, so Stony Bridge Landscaping meets clients requests for pavers and water features while maximizing the impact of the plants used in their designs.

“A patio is no longer just a patio, ” says owner, Ed Copenhaver. “It has expanded into an outdoor living space.” We help make your wishes come true. You can count on our experts with many years of experience, great ideas and wide-ranging expertise. Our scope of services is very broad and includes residential and commercial clients.

Let Stony Bridge Landscaping, Inc. create a dynamic design to accent and improve the value of your property.