Landscape Company Names IDEAS
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Landscape Company Names IDEAS

There are a number of options for naming a lawn business.

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If you’re planning to start a lawn care business, an important consideration is the creation of a business name. Depending on your area, you may be facing stiff competition, so your name should help you stand out from the crowd. You should also check to be sure that your preferred name is not already in use. A name that works well as a domain name for a website is also beneficial.

The Lawndromat

This name conveys the image of a neat, clean lawn once the service is complete. A logo idea could include a lawnmower formed into the shape of a washing machine.

Ground Control

This term could be a good fit for a company that provides a total lawn service package, including landscaping and snow removal in the winter.

Greens Keeper Lawn Care

The image of a golf course is that of expertly manicured grass and lush greenery. As a business name, this projects an image of professionalism and elegance.

From the Ground Up

This name indicates thoroughness and attention to detail. It also can be useful for a company that offers landscaping services in addition to grass maintenance.

Who Did It Lawn Service

People who take pride in how their lawn looks are usually pleased when someone asks them who takes care of their lawn. This name can help promote word-of-mouth advertising by prompting clients to tell others the name of their lawn service company.

Lawn Rangers

As a play on words, this name provides the image of a group of professional lawn care workers “riding in” to rescue an unattractive or neglected lawn.

Grass Master

This name conveys an image of expertise in lawn care. Marketing campaigns could feature examples of previous work through pictures or focus on the owner’s years of experience in the lawn care field, if applicable.

AAA Lawn Care

This name enables your company to be listed first in alphabetical directories, such as local business directories. To combine an alphabetical listing with the image of quality, you could use “A-Plus Lawn Care” instead.

Cutting Edge Lawn Care

This name describes the basic service offered by the business as well as gives the implication that the business provides the latest in lawn care service techniques.

Southview Lawn Care

Because your lawn business is likely to be concentrated within a specific geographic area, you can use the name of the area to emphasize that you do business there. You can use the name of a section of a city, neighborhood or even a large subdivision if applicable. Be aware, however, that if you name your business after a specific area, it may be hard to reach new business outside of that location.