Landscape Edging Ideas
Image by 龙 陆 from Pixabay

Landscape Edging Ideas



Metal edging ideas are one of the easiest ways to have landscape edging and install it easily. Metal landscape edging is widely used to define walkways, roadways, lawns and flower beds and to preserve and protect the existing landscape. Metal edging will protect the flowers planted in a flower bed from passersby. Metal edging is a beautiful decorative element and has long been an integral part of landscaping designs. The versatility of metal as a material for house siding, metal roofing, pool fences, etc, is a characteristic used by landscape architects to create original garden designs.

Metal edging ideas – advantages and disadvantages of metal landscape edging

Metal edging ideas accentuate the beauty of your lawn, flower bed, flower garden or garden path. Metal landscape edging is the perfect decoration for gardens, parks and squares and creates an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. What are the advantages of metal edging?

On the first place metal edging offers a clean separation between the lawn, flower beds, garden paths and can be almost invisible which means the eye distraction will be minimal. Metal landscape edging will prevent spreading of gravel or mulch and will keep grass and weeds from invading into your flower beds or paths.

Metal garden edging is very durable – it will not rot, crack, chip and withstands extreme weather conditions such as excessive rains or frost. In addition, it is resistant and will not be damaged by garden maintenance tools. Breaking metal landscape edging is quite difficult which means that your garden edging will last for years.

Appearance – Metal edging comes in a variety of styles, designs, materials and colors. Metal garden edging comes as steel, galvanized steel, wrought iron, aluminum, etc. It can be shaped in almost any form – curves, straight lines – whatever your landscape design requires. Metal garden edging works with different exterior design styles – modern, contemporary, industrial, rustic, etc.

As you see metal landscape edging offers many benefits durability, strength, low maintenance, easy to shape and install, clean and unobtrusive appearance and long life which makes it a very popular choice in the landscaping of public and residential outdoor spaces.

Custom metal edging designs – people who prefer individuality and sophistication are attracted to wrought iron garden edging with custom design. It could be floral ornaments, geometric shapes or a any other design which works with the exterior style and the surrounding elements – arbors, benches or buildings. The process of manufacturing custom made metal garden edging is usually laborious and time-consuming and that is the reason for the high price.